Guåm™Raffle Tickets is a "permanent digital raffle ticket" that comes with every product we sell.  See Example Below:

- Each Pre-Ordered Race Bib comes with (1) Guåm™Raffle Ticket

- Each Pre-Ordered Finisher Guåm™Gear T-Shirt comes with (2) Guåm™Raffle Tickets

- Each Pre-Ordered Finisher Umbrella comes with (3) Guåm™Raffle Tickets

These "digital" Guåm™Raffle Tickets are "re-used" for our daily, weekly, and monthly prize giveaway.  So basically, the more you support our events and purchase our products, the more chances you have to win wonderful prizes such as gift certificates for FREE FOOD from our local restaurant community partners, FREE hotel stay, FREE Buffet, FREE water park passes, FREE round of golf, FREE airline round trip tickets, FREE Guåm™ apparel and CASH up to $1,000.

NOTE:  We are working on our official RunForGuam App that will store all the races you participated, all the pre-orders you make, and all the Guåm™Raffle Tickets you earn.  Please check back here soon.