Q. What is a virtual race event?

​A. A virtual race is a race that you can RUN, WALK, TREADMILL, HIKE or BIKE from any location you choose or even at another race (participants in wheelchairs encouraged to participate).

You get to run your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself. Once you post your time and share your results with us via app, photos, video encouraged, we will send you the official Race Bib, T-shirt, and/or Finisher Medal (depending on your selected registration) direct to your front door via USPS mail or one of our partner locations in Guam.


​Q. ​Which Charity and how much do you split the monies raised from each event?
A: Our registration page tells you which non-profit we are sharing the proceeds for each race.  We give the Community Partner 30%


​Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. A: Yes, we ship all over the world (anywhere that the United States Postal Service ships). There is a higher charge:

For 1 piece of Guåm™Gear (medal or shirt) it is $7.00 for Canada and $11.00 for all other international.

For 2 pieces of Guåm™Gear (medal and shirt) it is $12.50 for Canada and $17.50 for international.

To avoid issues, please select the appropriate shipping option when prompted on the registration page.

​Q. How do I track my distance and time my run?

A.We accept results on the honor system, so you can track your distance and time however you like. There many free smartphone apps available for iPhones and Android devices that you may be interested in. Simply search running as in your app store. 



Every product you purchase comes with a free Guåm™Raffle Ticket.  These are permanent "digital" raffle tickets.  See Example Below:

- Each Race Bib comes with (1) Guåm™Raffle Ticket

- Each Pre-Ordered Finisher Guåm™Gear T-Shirt comes with (2) Guåm™Raffle Tickets

- Each Finisher Umbrella comes with (3) Guåm™Raffle Tickets

These "digital" Guåm™Raffle Tickets are "re-used" for our daily, weekly, and monthly prize giveaway.  So basically, the more you support our events and purchase our products, the more chances you have to win wonderful prizes such as gift certificates for FREE FOOD from our local restaurant community partners, FREE hotel stay, FREE Buffet, FREE water park passes, FREE round of golf, FREE airline round trip tickets, FREE Guåm™Gear apparel and CASH up to $5,000.  The BEST part is you DO NOT have to be present to win.

NOTE:  We are working on our official RunForGuam App that will store all the races you participated, all the pre-orders you make, and all the Guåm™Raffle Tickets you earn and purchase.  Please check back here soon.

MAY 2018 - THE FIRST EVER CHAMORU 2K-5K EVENT was inspired and created to help raise the much needed funds required to support and more importantly "sustain" the many non-profit organizations and charities that provide valuable products and/or services to the community.



There are 4 different denominations available and are known as "Velocity Codes".  Below is the correct velocity code combinations for each product:

ITEM                      DENOMINATION                            NEED HELP?  Call 671-972-7744
Velocity Code 123         $5
Velocity Code 128         $10
Velocity Code 129         $25
Velocity Code 130         $50

ITEM                            COST           VELOCITY CODE(S)

1. Race Bib                    $10                      128

2. Finisher Medal           $15                      123+128

​3. Finisher T-shirt           $25                      129

4. Finisher Umbrella       $30                      123+129